Governor Tim Walz to give new guidance on reopening churches

Governor Tim Walz announced Saturday he is signing a new executive order to allow places of worship to congregate with up to 250 people, or 25% capacity, starting May 27. This comes one day after President Trump said that he would "overrule" Governors who wouldn't allow places of worship to congregate with more than 10 people.

Gov. Walz said he still encourages churches to meet virtually.

"These are choices that need to be made," Walz said. "Now that we CDC guidance and health guidance, this is a way to partner together in an agreement with the Archbishop, especially around that congregation, the Catholic faith, and extending it to others."

Walz spent the last week meeting virtually with numerous faith leaders after Archbishop Bernard Hebda and some Lutheran church leaders said they would resume in-person services regardless of what the state said.

Archbishop Hebda posted a video on Saturday responding to Governor Walz's new executive order: