Wisconsin restaurant Mallory's bans showing NFL games until players and coaches stand for the National Anthem

NFL Goal post
Photo credit Scott Taetsch / Contributor

A restaurant in Hudson, Wisconsin says they won't show NFL games this season because of the perceived disrespect to America kneeling for the flag gives them. 

Mallory's took to the Facebook page to make the announcement while sharing a screenshot of a "Boycott NFL" Facebook group. They say that they will not show NFL games until players and coaches stand for the National Anthem as they perceive that to be disrespectful to America. They doubled down on their decision saying that they stand for what they believe in. 

"Some people kneel for what they believe in .. we STAND for what we believe in. Please dine elsewhere if you don’t agree with ownership. America."

After posting, their Facebook post became flooded with almost 1,000 comments of all different opinions. The restaurant posted this in response to comments that asked to boycott the establishment. 

"NFL players are of all races and backgrounds .. it’s a very diverse sport. I’m not sure how racism fits into this ? Choosing to not financially support or watch the NFL until they stand & respect the flag is a choice. America. If you choose not to support the restaurant because of this decision that’s your choice and we respect it. America. There are plenty of other places to watch the NFL .. and some people may just enjoy going to a place with no NFL on TV. America."

Week one of the NFL season saw players and coaches from many teams kneel for the anthem. Some teams decided to stay in the locker room during the singing of the anthem and take the field after. It also saw fans in the stands in Kansas City boo during a moment of silence of unity where players from both the Texans and the Chiefs locked arms. Vikings running back Alexander Mattison tweeted about why the moment of unity was so important for NFL players, especially Black men. 

It’s sickening to see people boo’ing the moment of silence before the game! Would you boo a moment of silence for 9/11?

— Alexander Mattison (@AlexMattison22) September 11, 2020

For a lot of us , as soon as we step off that field we are BLACK men in a world that sees us as a threat.

— Alexander Mattison (@AlexMattison22) September 11, 2020

If we can’t escape , why should we put aside our feelings just to make fans feel comfortable in their “escape”? Why is it that fans can’t take one MOMENT of silence, but we have to live day to day in silence and in fear. They’ve been silencing us for so long.. not anymore.

— Alexander Mattison (@AlexMattison22) September 11, 2020

If you really can’t enjoy the game because of a moment of silence, then maybe you should be reading a book on the history of this country instead, so you understand why we stand together through this. Maybe you’ll understand or maybe you won’t but #EnoughisEnough #StopKillingUs

— Alexander Mattison (@AlexMattison22) September 11, 2020