Mayo Clinic to release new coronavirus test


On Monday, the Mayo Clinic in Rochester will release a coronavirus serology test that will determine whether a person has been infected. Called a “game-changer” by some in the fight to stop the spread of the virus, experts also believe the new test will prove that anyone contracting coronavirus would not get it again in the same season. And it already has one positive.“The test is done in a routine blood draw,” said the Mayo’s Dr. Eliza Theel, appearing on WCCO with Paul and Jordana.

Other tests must be performed with a medical swab, which is now in short supply.

“We take the patient’s serum sample and test it on what is called an ELISA Test,” said Dr. Theel. “We can do this testing on high-proof instruments.”

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ELISA Tests are highly sensitive and were the first antibody screening tests for HIV.

“Bottom line, it’s able to tell us whether or not an individual has developed this immune response for the virus,” she said.

Monday is April 6, exactly one month since the first coronavirus case was confirmed in Minnesota.