Minnesota golfers still waiting for answer during coronavirus pandemic


The weather is starting to break and Minnesota residents are clamoring to hit the links. But, there are a lot of questions about whether Governor Tim Walz's Stay at home order permits golfers from going out to courses. Executive Director and COO of the Minnesota Golf Association Tom Ryan joined The Morning News with Dave Lee and offered an update on whether golf will be allowed during this time. 

"We are waiting for the Governor to make that call. We have asked that golf be included, or at least be considered, as one of those outdoor activities that are safe to participate in. We think we have a good case for it."

Ryan says that there has been plenty of case studies and that there are strong best practices on physical distancing on the golf course. He says that they have presented this information to Governor Walz and should hear the Governor's response back in the next couple of days.

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Touchpoints have been a key argument on whether golf should be included in the stay at home order, but Ryan says that their proposal for public facilities includes a plan to eliminate touchpoints. He says that courses will have a reservation system online that allows you to reserve and pay for your tee time so that you can walk on the course without having to come in contact with a course employee. Private courses are not included in this as they have their own systems already for reserving tee times. 

Ryan said he understands how hard the times are but wants to make sure people have an additional activity to get outside. 

"We want to make it clear, as an industry, that we recognize all the work that they are doing in downtown St. Paul and all the issues that they are facing. Golf, in the whole context of what we're all going through, is not maybe high on the priority list, but the other thing to remember is that all these facilities are small businesses. They are impacted in the same way all the other small businesses are. Of all the other activities that are allowed and promoted to be outside, as long as we are practicing social distancing, we think we can be apart of that."