Minnesota State High School League holds emergency board meeting to discuss COVID-19 contingencies

The Minnesota State High School League is doing some contingency planning when it comes to sports this upcoming school year. Options on the table include starting the fall sports season on-schedule in mid-August with some changes, fewer games and meets and shorter seasons, or possibly moving some sports to the Spring of 2021. 

Today's #mshsl board of directors meeting will begin at 9 a.m. The board traditionally meets 6 times a year (never in July), but this 7th meeting was added to address financial issues, the ramifications of Covid-19, etc. I will Tweet key updates as they happen. Stay alert. pic.twitter.com/4AV75ZRVvy

— John Millea (@MSHSLjohn) July 14, 2020

Board members discussed how distance-learning or a hybrid-learning model would affect sports participation. For now, they will be keeping their schedule for fall sports starting August 17th. They are setting contingency plans for all levels of participation. 

#mshsl board now discussing return to participation for fall activities. Plans continue for the scheduled Aug. 17 start (Aug. 10 for Zero Week football teams), with contingency plans ranging from from full participation to no participation. https://t.co/xUdV878Gei

— John Millea (@MSHSLjohn) July 14, 2020

A normal fall sports season for the MSHSL is very lucrative. The board forecasted revenues of $814,722. If there are no fall sports this season, they forecast to lose $466,000. If both fall and winter sports are canceled, they will be driven to a $3.2 million deficit. 

#mshsl board now discussing 2020-2021 budget. Pre-Covid, budget forecast was for revenues of $814,722. If no fall activities are held, becomes predicted deficit of $466,000. If no fall/winter activities, predicted deficit is $3.2 million. https://t.co/Lhk8tujMC6

— John Millea (@MSHSLjohn) July 14, 2020  

The league's plan is expected in two weeks after Governor Walz and state education leaders announce their plan for how the upcoming school year will begin.