Hundreds join demonstration for Gay Pride and justice reform

Marching in downtown Minneapolis
Photo credit Entercom

There was no Pride Parade in downtown Minneapolis on Sunday because of the coronavirus outbreak, but there was still lots of music and marching

More than a thousand people gathered at Fourth and Hennepin Avenue and marched for Gay Pride and justice reform, leaders of the two movements joining forces for the day.  

"It's amazing, it's fun, it's pride, I love it," said DJ Hooker. "It's not one of those fake prides when we have corporations fake like they care."

In a symnbolic gesure, gay and trans people of color led the march.  

"Pride was originally a riot where black and brown people said 'enough is enough,'" Hooker said.

The Stonewall Riots, which sparked the gay rights movement, happened on June 26, 1969 and is commemorated with Gay Pride events nationwide.

"This is the first Pride that's felt like it's actually the community coming out together to stand up against inequality," said Tracy Mulm.

This is the fourth year the Twin Cities Coalition for Justice lent their voices to a gay pride day event.

In past years, that group would join the parade and stop its progress.