32 long-term care facilities have COVID-19 outbreaks in Minnesota

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Hennepin County has 11 nursing homes or assisted-living facilities where a known COVID-19 outbreak exists according to a list released Saturday by the Minnesota Department of Health.

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The list comes as 13 of the state's 24 confirmed disease-related deaths involve individuals living in a nursing home or assisted-living facility statewide.

Facilities on the list have at least 10 or more residents. At least 47 facilities have confirmed cases, accounting for 3 percent of the state's entire cases.

Kris Ehresmann, the Minnesota Department of Health’s infectious disease director, said Saturday that an outbreak at a facility means at least one person who lives, works, or is contracted to the facility has tested positive for COVID-19. 

"Having a case doesn't mean that the facility has to stay on the list eternally," Ehresmann said in a Saturday phone conference. "If we are able to work with them and they are able to contain and mitigate the situation and they don't have any additional cases, then we would be able to take them off of the list."

The list was released after the State debuted a new website aimed at providing more transparency into the COVID-19 pandemic and what officials base their actions on.

State health officials say more than 24,500 tests have been conducted and that one-third of those tests were done in Public Health Labs. The remaining tests were conducted in external labs.

Ehresmann added that the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases will likely continue to rise as external labs continue working through backlogs of tests.

Saturday's number was 76 higher than Friday's with 865 confirmed cases.