Water Gremlin reopens one week after ordered shutdown

Sign for Water Gremlin
Photo credit Entercom

A Ramsey County lead products plant reopens Tuesday, more than a week after discovery of lead poisoning in workers' children led to its closure.

A judge Friday gave the go-ahead for Water Gremlin to resume operations at its location in White Bear Township.  

This comes after the company and state officials compromised on a plan to control the lead contamination that has affected the children of some employees.  

At least 12 were found to have elevated lead levels in their blood, the result of lead dust brought home unknowingly by their parents.

The two sides are ordered to work on a more comprehensive cleanup plan and will appear in court again next week.

Over the weekend, crews cleaned the plant's lunchroom, locker rooms, and workers cars.  

Water Gremlin employees had retraining on Monday at a separate location while the plant remain closed.

When they return to their jobs on Tuesday, they'll wear hairnets and protection over their shoes to stop lead dust from spreading.  

Ramsey County judge Leonardo Castro says he'll halt operations again if safety procedures aren't followed.