William Shatner, in town for GlaxyCon, really wants to talk about climate change

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By 830 WCCO

William Shatner is coming to Minneapolis this weekend for GalaxyCon, and he knows you may want to ask him about a certain role he has played since the mid 60s, but he'd really like to talk about climate change.

That at least is one conclusion one could draw from his recent interview with News Talk 830 WCCO Reporter Susie Jones. 

His take on the message of Star Trek that resonates now? 

"The message for me, of Star Trek, (and the) science fiction movies that we make,  the message is somebody imagined that we still exist 200 years, 300 years from now. The reality is unless we do something about our climate, we may not (exist). Part of the message is we can't bury our heads in the sand any longer. The operative time has come and we've got to do something about climate change."

His thoughts on Twitter and why he likes using it? 

"Twitter is as you know, as a modern phenomena. It's both good and bad that people say terrible things, that they wouldn't say ordinarily under the cloak of anonymity, but they also are capable of doing wonderful things. I've raised a lot of money for charity on Twitter. So we've got to appeal to our better instincts. But the, the reality is unless we do something about what's happening to our world, civilization as we know it is not going to exist 5,000 years from now."

GalaxyCon Minneapolis runs from Nov. 8-10, with day passes ranging from $20-35 dollars, Shatner will make appearances on Sat, Nov 8 and Sunday Nov. 9. More info here

Listen below for his full interview with Susie Jones: