Jordana Green to Ilhan Omar: Anytime is the right time to denounce a genocide

By 830 WCCO

Rep. Ilhan Omar has faced significant blowback after she voted "present" on a bill that recognized the mass killings of Armenians by Ottoman Turks as a genocide, and on Wednesday News Talk 830 WCCO host Jordana Green joined the tide of criticism. 

"Anytime is the right time to denounce a genocide. And the fact that our representative did not do it from my district is humiliating and non-representative of her constituents," she said.

Omar defended the vote by saying that a genocide should not be “used as cudgel in a political fight" and that any recognition of mass crimes against humanity should not only include the atrocities of the 20th Century but also the slave trade and the killings of indigenous peoples. 

Green responded:

"This isn't 'All Genocides Matter Day.' Yes, they all matter, but we should review all of them and if this one's on the table, say no to genocide."

Please note: Green is a talkshow host who job requires her to takes opinions, which is different from the newsroom.