Saints' schedule included 70 dates at CHS Field

First season as Twins' top affiliate opens
Home of the St. Paul Saints
CHS Field in St. Paul Photo credit Entercom

The St. Paul Saints' first season as the Twins' top minor league affiliate begins April 6 at CHS Field against the Columbus Clippers.

It's the opener of a 142-game schedule that includes 70 dates in downtown St. Paul, which runs through September 19.

There are several times that the Saints and Twins are scheduled to play at home on the same day, but there are no starting times announced for Saints games.

Since the Saints became the Twins' AAA affiliate, there has been talk of both teams playing at home on the same day but at different times, allowing fans to take in both games at the two ballparks that are linked by the Green Line light rail.

Information on ticket sales will be announced on a later date.