Minnesota's most EMBARRASSING Thanksgiving Google search shows … we have some turkey troubles

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Thanksgiving, Computer, Laptop, Woman Photo credit Getty Images

The website Zippia has compiled another fantastic map of data, this time showing some of the more "unsual" Google searches each state has looked for in this Thanksgiving season.

We say "unusual," but Zippia calls them "EMBARRASSING!" Minnesota's top search is "undercooked turkey," which, frankly isn't that terrible, so way to go Minnesota. Turkeys are complicated, what can we say.

What Zippia considers the Top Ten include:

1. Alaska . . . where the top embarrassing search was "divorce lawyer."

2.  California . . .  "racist grandma."  Also, Louisiana's was "racist family."

3.  Pennsylvania . . . "how to win an argument."

4. Michigan . . . "how to treat food poisoning." Really, Michigan, are we that bad in the kitchen? Apparently so. But keep reading the list and be grateful you're not in North Dakota or Texas. And Wisconsin? Can't say we're surprised, but really, Wisconsin?

5.  Tennessee . . . "can you cook turkey in the microwave?"

6.  Mississippi . . . "mayo recipes."

7.  North Dakota . . . "Taco Bell near me."

8.  New Jersey . . . "can dogs eat cranberry sauce?"

9.  Wisconsin . . . "what does it mean if your poop is green?"

10.  Indiana . . . "how to unclog a toilet without a plunger."

As far as Texas goes, the most embarrassing thing we searched for was "Can Dogs Eat Stuffing." The answer is maybe, depends on what's in it. You shouldn't need google to tell you that, Texas.

You can see the entire map HERE!

Via Zippia