Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey confirms to WCCO Radio he intends to run for re-election

Minneapolis will hold Mayoral Election in 2021
Mayor Jacob Frey
Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey with George Floyd protestors Photo credit (Getty Images / Stephen Maturen / Stringer)

It’s been a very eventful year in Minneapolis. There was a pandemic that is still raging on, the death of George Floyd, the ensuing protests and riots, calls for reform of the MPD, and all of that followed by an historic Election.

Through it all Mayor Jacob Frey has been there as the mayor of Minneapolis’ biggest city. He’s come under criticism, seen his city burn and be looted, watched as rioters took over the Minneapolis Police Departments 3rd Precinct, and even had a new baby.

Now Frey will enter a year in which he will be up for Election.  Despite the challenges, does Jacob Frey want to continue in this role?  Frey confirmed to Dave Lee on the WCCO Morning News he does indeed plan to run for re-election in 2021.

“You know, I haven't announced officially yet, but I do plan to run,” Frey said.

The mayor was elected in 2017 using Minneapolis’ ranked choice voting system where voters rank their top three candidates.  No candidate achieved a majority in the first round of ballot counting on election night. Frey was declared the winner the next day after several rounds of vote tabulations.

“Yeah, I love this job even though it has been a really hard year,” Frey told WCCO. Frey says he feels a responsibility to see the city through what he describes as a very difficult year.

“I just feel this deep seated responsibility to get the city through this,” Frey says. “It's a different sentiment certainly than in any time that I've ever gone to campaign and run for office in the past. But, know there's a big obligation on all of us right now as its public servants. There’s a big obligation on all of us right now in the community.”

Frey, who is originally from Virginia, came to Minneapolis in 2009 practice employment and civil rights law.  Frey ran for City Council in Ward 3 in 2013 and served until his Election as mayor in 2017.