MN State Fair: Three options for 2021

One thing is for certain: State Fair will not have full attendance

Officials with the Minnesota State Fair say they are budgeting for three scenarios this year as they make plans to hold the fair once again after last year's cancellation.

Fair General Manager Jerry Hammer says it won't be possible yet to have a full State Fair like the one in 2019 that attracted more than 2,000,000 guests.

"We're looking at revenue and expense more in line with about a half-million fewer people. Realistically, at this stage, that's about the best we can hope for."

Other scenarios would be a fair with much more limited attendance, and what Hammer calls the "Doomsday" scenario of not having a State Fair for a second-consecutive year.

Hammer says it all depends on how the COVID vaccine is continued to be distributed.  When asked about a vaccine requirement for the fair, Hammer says they don't know yet.

Hammer says the Minnesota State Fair reported an operating loss of more than 16-million dollars in 2020.