CBS News' Major Garrett says Giuliani press conference "A very sad event"

“These are not serious conversations about serious subjects” says CBS News Washington Correspondent

There’s been plenty of reaction after Thursday's 90-minute press conference at Republican National Committee Headquarters where Rudy Giuliani and members of President Trump's campaign legal team laid out a series of unsubstantiated legal claims, alleging fraud in the 2020 election.

CBS News Washington Correspondent Major Garrett had a front row seat for it all, and spoke with News Talk 830 WCCO host Chad Hartman about what he calls a very sad event.

“I was actually very sad,” Garrett said. “I've been in that room many times. There is a bust in that room of Dwight David Eisenhower. If he were alive to see that, I can only imagine the fury of his response, of everything that it is so disrespectful of, contemptuous of, and harmful to what a Supreme Allied Commander not only preserved in America, but set in motion for the world. Yeah, I was incredibly sad.”

Garret also mentioned the location was part of the problem.

“That event didn't have to happen at the Republican National Committee headquarters. That it did will never be forgotten. There was a reason it had been done at a landscaping company before. Because it is filled with manure. And that's an insult to manure.”

Giuliani, at Thursday’s press conference said, "We cannot allow these crooks — because that's what they are — to steal an election from the American people. They elected Donald Trump; they didn't elect Joe Biden. Joe Biden is in the lead because of the fraudulent ballots, the illegal ballots that were produced and that were allowed to be used after the election was over. Give us an opportunity to prove it in court and we will."

Giuliani and other attorneys hired by the Trump campaign have been unable to provide any evidence of fraud in several of their lawsuits, and many of the existing lawsuits do not even allege fraud.

Garrett was quick to dismiss anything Giuliani said Thursday.

“These are not serious conversations about serious subjects,” Garrett told Hartman. “It is a serious subject, but it is being discussed and treated so un-seriously as to mock and make satirical the things we value most in our country. And it keeps getting worse. It keeps getting more satirical and comical. And if it weren't so tragic, I would laugh at it. But it doesn't make me laugh. It makes me very sad that Rudy Giuliani said so many things that were just flat out lies.”

Biden is currently being declared President-elect by the Associated Press and all major news organizations with 306 Electoral Votes. The declarations by media organizations has done for many decades, with the AP declaring results going back to 1848.  Biden currently holds well over the 270 votes needed to win the presidency.

Electors in all states are now working to certify the votes. The certification deadline in Minnesota is November 24th with various certification dates across the country. Most states will have certified and secured their Electoral Votes by December 8th, despite President Trump and his campaign continuing to publicly challenge Election results.