Fact Check: Did more people vote in Wisconsin than there are registered voters?

Wisconsin Voting, Election
Wisconsin Voters Photo credit (Getty Images / iQoncept)

In a year full of the spread of misinformation, it's no surprise that it has continued during the Election, and the process of counting votes in the days following the Election.

On Wednesday, there were widespread claims of voter fraud in Wisconsin, with a social media post going viral that said more people voted in that state than there were registered voters. Those claims are not true.

The original post appears to have come from someone named Mike Coudrey, who's Twitter page describes him as "Entrepreneur. Activist. Investor. CEO: http://YukoSocial.com - Social Media For Politicians & Organizations."

This claim was quickly debunked by fact-checking sites like Snopes and Politifact.

Despite that, some took the information and ran with it, sharing it all across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

There also were a number of people who commented with this false information on a post on the WCCO Radio Facebook page.

The information, however, is easily found on the Wisconsin Election Commission page (you can download a spreadsheet that details all the county numbers and adds up to a statewide total). The numbers point towards great turnout in the Dairy State, but far below the actual number of registered voters.

As of Thursday morning, 3,240,536 people have voted in Wisconsin. The claim that there was fraud said there were, "3,129,000 registered voters" in Wisconsin.

That number is significantly off. The true number, based on state records, is 3,684,726. That is 444,190 more people than actually voted.

Several states saw some of their highest voter turnout ever, and Wisconsin was one of those states with 88% of registered voters casting ballots. A great number to be sure, similar to what neighboring state Minnesota had, and is no evidence of election wrongdoing.

As always, be careful what you believe in a time where misinformation is widely being spread.