Patti Stanger, Says Social Isolation Will Allow People To See The Importance in Creating More Meaningful Relationships On I'm Listening: Stay Connected

By We Are Channel Q

On today's show Dr. Chris Donaghue covers love in the age of social distancing with relationship expert and Millionaire Match Maker, Patti Stanger. What happens when we are looking for a more meaningful connection when social interaction is so limited? Additionally, Dr. Chris chats with licensed psychologist, Milo Dodson about how to communicate your needs with your partner while in social isolation together. How do we approach tricky topics when it's hard to have our own space? Finally Dr. Chris discusses how to keep calm when in a toxic work environment, and shares a mental checklist of questions we can ask ourselves to measure how we are doing. 

Patti Stanger joins Dr. Chris Donaghue on I'm Listening: Stay Connected and shares that she feels social distacning during the COVID-19 outbreak will change the way in which we date and have relationships. Stanger states, " I'm hoping this changes the game for people to have serious relationships and stop the hooking up..." Stanger shares that so often people look for love through their phones, and yes while we are in a time of relying heavily on technology for interaction, we are also craving more meaningful and thoughtful interaction now more than ever. 

Stanger also makes a point to say that people who are still going out in public and dating should care more. Going out at this time is dangerous to everyone's health. Her solution to this is stress the importance of Facetime dating. Stanger feels that now as more people in their twenties begin to get diagnosed with the virus, she hopes this will underscore the importance of staying home. 

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