Daylight-Saving Time Causes Heart Attacks and Strokes

By We Are Channel Q

Daylight-Saving Time is this weekend and sure that means it stays sunnier longer and it's a sign of spring and summer, but we also lose an hour of sleep and that isn't good for our health. In fact, health experts want to get rid of daylight-saving all together. 

According to Sumathi Reddy, author for the Wall Street Journal and "Here’s Why Health Experts Want to Stop Daylight-Saving Time," the annual time shift disrupts our circadian rhythms and sleep that can ultimately lead to strokes, heart attacks, atrial fibrillation and even car accidents. 

Health experts reccommend that we get 7-9 hours of sleep each night. Most Americans usually get about 5 hours, but because of the annual time shift it ends up being 4 hours.

Ally and Greg discuss the difference between losing time because of daylight-saving and losing time due to traveling. 

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