Pornhub Gives Back During COVID-19

Pornhub Gives Back During COVID-19!
By We Are Channel Q
According to the New York Post, PornHub gave back to COVID-19 workers on the frontlines by donating 50,000 surgical masks and free porn!

There has been a shortage of protective gear for health care providers who are helping people who have contracted the virus. The donation was a part of Pornhub's "COVID-19 relief efforts" and Porhub said along withd donating face masks that it will also donate about $54,000to hel\p organizations in Germany, Italy, and Spain. 

Pornhub will also let their models keep 85% of their sales which is about 20% more that they usually get to keep, they are donating $25,000 to the Sex Workers Outreach project, and Pornhub's Premium service will be free for the next 30 days to encourage people to stay at home. 

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