Sacramento's Short-Term Transitional Emergency Program shelter opening soon!

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By We Are Channel Q
Did you hear? Sacramento LGBT Center is only weeks away from opening their Short-Term Transitional Emergency Program shelter or STEP for shiort, that will help homeless youth within the LGBT+ community. STEP is a 90 day program that focuses on youth care analysis. The home will provide 12 beds to resident’s aged from 18-24. The STEP program is going to focus on improving the lives of their residents in many different ways. The LGBT Community Center will provide workshops for its residents with topics such as budgeting, human rights, and life skills. Mental health is also something they will focus on, they plan on having therapy sessions twice a week for its residents. The STEP program will help its residents find housing and even look for jobs. The STEP home will have showers, laundry services, and include three meals a day. The home also includes drawers and containers that have locks for the residents to keep their belongings in. Residents can bring as much stuff as the STEP home will accommodate such as bikes and even pets! They are partnering with Front Street Animal Shelter to provide pet services. Even though STEP is a 90 day program they will not put you back on the street after 90 days if you do not have a place to go. They will do their absolute best to find all of their residents’ homes and help them get back on their feet! To register or learn more about the STEP housing you can head over to the Sacramento LGBT Community Center for more information.