Frankie Grande Reveals Tools He Used to Prepare for the Challenges of Social Distancing

Watch Grande speak with Dr. Chris on "I'm Listening: Stay Connected"
By We Are Channel Q

On Tuesday's broadcast of "I'm Listening: Stay Connected," Dr. Chris Donaghue is joined by actor and YouTube personality, Frankie Grande. Grande starts by sharing all the ways he has been coping with being socially distant during the outbreak of COVID-19.

He tells us that the tools he learned on his journey to sobriety really prepared him to be strong enough to cope with his mental health during this pandemic. Grande states that while becoming sober, you must be "rigorously honest," not just with others, but with yourself. Being honest with yourself at this time allows you to know exactly where you are with your personal mental state. The same rigorous honesty applies when checking in with yourself during this time of social distancing.

While it is important to check in with yourself and share feelings, Grande stresses creating the space and time to listen to others. Grande shares that when you genuinely listen to others, it allows you to get out of your own head for a moment.

At the conclusion of Grande's interview, he answers a listener's tweet about streaming original content. Grande encourages anyone and everyone to create and share their own social media content right now. The world needs creativity. He says that we must ignore the hate that comes with sharing online content. Having experienced online hate himself, Grande stresses that those who spread hate over social media are not happy with themselves.​

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