The Monday Baseball Column: Why Michael Chavis will be paying close attention to this Patriots Draft


The fine folks at Sprayberry (GA) High have already gone through this Draft anxiety once.

Back in 2014, a baseball player from the school who had graduated just weeks before, was called up by then-Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig after the announcement that the Red Sox took Michael Chavis with the 26th overall pick.

"I know I hugged Bud Selig and everyone made a big deal of it. I was excited," Chavis told approximately a year ago when reflecting on the moment. "I was like, ‘Come here, man!’ I didn’t know it was a thing. ... When I went in I’m pretty sure he extended the hand but I just went for the hug. I was excited, man."

There had been a smattering of other athletes to go through the process, such as former big leaguers Kris Benson and Marlon Byrd, but not in some time.

On April 23, the fun returns.

Rodrigo Blankenship, the glasses-wearing place-kicker from the University of Georgia, is thought to be the best player at his position entering the upcoming NFL Draft. And as luck would have it, the football team in town, the Patriots, could use a player of Blankenship's talents.

The prospects of another Yellow Jacket joining the Boston sports scene has left Chavis remembering what was and what might be.

"Whenever I picture Rodrigo I go back to when I first met him in high school," the Sox infielder wrote in a text to "I saw a sneaky athletic looking dude wearing a full uniform with no pads. The only reason that this was odd was because it wasn't football season, it was a school day and it wasn't a themed outfit (day) or anything that I was aware of. It wasn't even our team's uniform. It was his All-American uniform! Not just the top. I'm talking high socks, specs, headband, the whole thing. It was amazing.

"He actually went to Walton (High) before transferring to Sprayberry and coincidentally my brother Fuzzy went to Walton as well and new Rodrigo before I did. So through that connection, I knew how good he was. But something that I always thought that was cool about Rodrigo was something that separated himself as an athlete (in a positive manner) was that he always had a very good balance of knowing he was good, not shying away from acknowledging he was good, but not acting in a way that sought out attention or praise. Being able to do that in a way where it never came off as cocky or anything. He was always very sincere and kind. Competitive.

"Dude is a gamer. No matter what it was. Like I'll be honest, he wasn't great at basketball but he'd get after it in pickup games. Just an example of him being a team guy and playing hard."

To read more on Blankenship, click here.

Week 6 #SpecialistOfTheWeek is RS Freshman Rodrigo Blankenship(@RodTheKicker3)-6'1, 195 lbs-Sprayberry High School

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There Red Sox players are like the rest of us these days in seclusion. And like the rest of us, one of their chief portals to the outside world is social media. So through the lenses of Instagram and Twitter accounts, we can get a glimpse to how a good chunk of the roster is getting by:

Jackie Bradley Jr. (Saturday)

Happy birthday baby bruddah!! --

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Xander Bogaerts (one week ago)


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Christian Vazquez (Saturday)

3 de abril de 2015, cirugía Tommy John Un día difícil, de mucho aprendizaje, crecimiento personal y profesional. Durante mi recuperación aprendí a amar mi cuerpo y cuidar de mi salud. Gracias a la dedicación y la Fe en Mi, pero más que nada, la Fe en Dios, logré una recuperación al 100%. Definitivamente volví más fuerte y con más ganas de comerme el mundo, pero más que nada, el terreno. Estas son pruebas que la vida nos pone, y lo importante es ser fuertes y nunca dudar de los planes de Dios, porque estos son perfectos. Gracias a mi familia, a mis coaches y a mis fanáticos por siempre apoyarme.

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Kevin Plawecki (one week ago)

The up and over. (50 tries later) #quarantinelife

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Mitch Moreland (March 25)

Just a normal day of fishing with the Morelands!!! #highsandlows #bassfishing

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Michael Chavis (March 24)

Since the Green Monster isn’t available at the moment I’ll be social distancing balls across these trees until baseball is back. --‍♂️ I’m taking advantage of this opportunity to get away from all the noise of everyday life and get outside away from screens. It’s been extremely refreshing and actually enjoyable. Find the positives they’re always out there! Everybody stay positive and safe out there!

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Andrew Benintendi (Saturday)

Social Distancing

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Martin Perez (Saturday)

Happy birthday to me-- Thank you very much for all your best wishes. Even though it has been a particular birthday because of this situation, I feel happy, grateful and blessed for another year----❤️ Feliz cumpleaños a mi-- Muchas gracias a todos ustedes por sus felicitaciones y buenos deseos. A pesar de que sea un poco particular este cumpleaños por la situación que se esta viviendo, pues me siento muy feliz, agradecido y bendecido por otro año mas----❤️

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Eduardo Rodriguez (Saturday)

Now we talking that’s what I wanna hear ------------ thank you bro for make the -- sound like that @hgcustom #gt3rs #porshegt3rs ----

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Matt Barnes (March 24)

Don’t blink...

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Kevin Pillar (Sunday)

Just finished watching the @Lakers 2010 game 7 vs the Celtics. Mixed emotions of happiness and sadness. Amazing how much has changed in 10 years. @kobebryant Stuart Scott, Dr Buss, David Stern, all gone from us!

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Austin Brice (Saturday)

No this is not a message from the Matrix.....

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Heath Hembree (Sunday)

Shoutout to @rapsododiamondsports @rapsodogolf for the Mobile Launch Monitor. Perfect way to practice social distancing and butter cuts

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Collin McHugh (March 21)

Quarantine dinner: homemade hamburger buns (thx to @arbuzzy) and zillion year old frozen burger patties we forgot we had in the freezer...and American cheese

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Marcus Wilson (Sunday)

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Jonathan Lucroy (Saturday)

We were challenged, and we accepted. @CatherinVaritek @Machete1224 @Dutch_Oven45 @Tstory2

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Juan Centeno (Friday)

For sure he got a better swing than me ---- JD Centeno ⚾️-- hitting rockets (old video) -- @mlb @megustanlodeportes @mlbpuertorico #baseball #pelota #puertorico

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The status of the MLB Draft is still somewhat uncertain. And there is no amateur baseball to be watched. But still the scouts have to approach the process with a business-as-usual mentality.

Videos. Phone calls. Reports.

And through it all there has been an unforeseen payoff: relationship-building among the scouts.

"Our office led by Paul Toboni and Devin Pearson have been in constant communication with the staff and we have continued to operate 'as much as usual' as we can in terms of player discussions, rankings, etc," said the Red Sox' Northesast Regional Scouting Supervisor. "We have had a lot of discussions and things of that sort, trying to operate like normal while realizing a lot may change and nobody knows what's going to happen.

"We're taking this opportunity to build a lot of camaraderies and talk to each other more than I can ever remember. We are ready no matter what happens or when. We really do have a good crew and really good leadership." 


- Joe Kelly believes there will be some pushback if players are asked to wear surgical masks while playing. Why? Chewing tobacco.

On the latest @Bradfo_Sho, Joe Kelly raises an interesting point when it comes to surgical masks and baseball ...

— The Bradfo Sho (@Bradfo_Sho) April 3, 2020

- While items such as service time have been hatched out by Major League Baseball and the Players' Association when it comes to contigencies if there is no season, some things haven't been decided upon. One such ruling: How will MLB view Rule 5 players such as the Red Sox' Jonathan Arauz.

While we know that the agreement between MLB and the MLBPA states that players will be rewarded a full year of service time even if there is no season (or even if there is part of a season), according to team and league sources there has been no determination regarding what might happen to Rule 5 players if there is no season. Typically, a Rule 5 player has to remain on the major league roster for the entire season or be sent back to the team they were drafted from.

If the Rule 5 picks are linked to the service time agreement then the Red Sox would be able to keep Arauz's rights for 2021, potentially allowing him to continue what would be a more palatable developmental path in the minor leagues. But there is still a chance such a scenario would simply lead to another spring training of trying out next March.

Official emblem for the KBO league this year. #PutOnYourMask

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