Brad Marchand videotaped partying shirtless with goggles in aftermath of Game 7 loss

By WEEI 93.7

Brad Marchand isn't sorry for partying. 

The Bruins winger, fresh off an ill-timed line change that shifted the balance of the Stanley Cup Final, was videotaped dancing shirtless with ski goggles on the stage of an undisclosed club early Saturday morning. 

Marchand confirmed his identity in a tweet Saturday afternoon, saying he’s “sorry for bringing it.”

I’m whacked right now so can’t verify but some guy just pointed up and goes “that’s Brad Marchand”, if it is I don’t hate it, life’s too short to stay sad about something that’s not a life or death scenario

— DOMINIC DOES (@DonnieDoesWorld) June 15, 2019

While it is a little unusual to see a star athlete getting weird with goggles –– which takes getting weird to a whole different level –– in the immediate aftermath of a heart-crushing loss, there is absolutely nothing wrong with Marchand’s actions. He was seen crying on the bench in the final moments of Game 7 and said in the locker room it was the most painful loss of his career “by far.” Plus, he says he played through multiple injuries this postseason, including abdominal and groin issues and a sprained hand

You don’t play through that kind of pain if you’re apathetic about the result. Sometimes it’s best to dance your troubles away without your shirt in a noisy club.