Statistically, Kyrie Irving is one of best playoff performers in NBA history

By WEEI 93.7

In the doldrums of winter, we took scores of reactionary callers –– pardon the redundancy –– who proclaimed they would rather see Terry Rozier or Marcus Smart start at point guard for the Celtics instead of Kyrie Irving. It’s safe to say most of those folks probably feel differently following Irving’s dominant showing over the Pacers. His excellence propelled the Celtics’ sweep.

In four games, Irving averaged 22.5 points and 7.8 assists per night. His mere presence on the floor flummoxed the Pacers, who devoted an inordinate amount of attention towards stopping him. As a result, Irving still impacted the series even when he wasn’t shooting. He didn’t take a single shot in the final three minutes of Game 2 and collapsed the defense on Al Horford’s late three-pointer in Game 3. 

As the Celtics scuffled their way through the regular season, Irving kept telling us to wait until the playoffs, where he’s been a historically good performer. He’s now 16-0 in opening-round playoff contests, making him the only player in league history to play in at least 10 first-round games without losing. (Remember: Irving was out with an injury when the Bucks took the Celtics to seven games last spring.)

Irving’s postseason success is even more incredible when you view it in totality. He owns the highest playoff winning percentage of any player in history who’s played at least 50 games, boasting a .768 marker. To put that in perspective, Irving’s 76.8 winning percentage is higher than Tom Brady’s career playoff winning percentage of 75.

Kyrie has the highest playoff winning percentage in NBA history- 76.4%- Min. 50 games(H/T NBA Countdown)

— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) April 21, 2019

In fairness, Irving played alongside LeBron James for much of his career in Cleveland, reaching the NBA Finals in three straight seasons. But the dynamic point guard was far from a bystander. In 2016, he hit the game-winning three-pointer to lift the Cavs over the Warriors in Game 7.

With those numbers in mind, Irving’s playoff anticipation is now understandable. He’s always showed up when the games matter most, and the Celtics will need another herculean effort from him if they’re going to advance past the vaunted Bucks.