Max Kellerman keeps embarrassing himself: 'A lot of guys could've' done what Brady did against Chargers

By WEEI 93.7

This entire week will not be dedicated to hammering Max “Cliff” Kellerman. You eventually have to stop whacking the pinata. 

But Kellerman remains the most disingenuous hot take artist out there. First, he won’t own up to his laughable three-season-old proclamation about Brady becoming a “bum in short order.” And now, he won’t even give Brady a modicum of credit following the Patriots’ 41-28 throttling of the Chargers in the AFC championship.

On the set of “First Take” Monday, where Stephen A. Smith was inexplicably wearing a cowboy hat, Kellerman said any quarterback could’ve accomplished what Brady did Sunday. For those who don’t know, TB12 went 34-of-44 for 343 yards and a touchdown. He led the Patriots on five touchdown drives in the first half.

“(Brady) was excellent, of course. He didn’t do anything wrong,” Kellerman said. “But a lot of guys could’ve thrown to receivers –– every receiver was open by like 10 yards. He threw it to zero tight windows. He faced zero pressure. Tom Brady was dead last against the blitz this year. In the NFL among starting quarterbacks, he was last against the blitz. So what did Anthony Lynn scheme up on the other side? No blitzing, no pressure at all. (Brady) just picked apart the zone, and they never made an adjustment.”

"A lot of guys could've thrown to receivers that were open by like 10 yards. He threw it into 0 tight windows, faced 0 pressure...." -Max Kellerman--------

— #NobodyDied (@ftbeard_17) January 14, 2019

While Kellerman is right about the Chargers’ inept Cover 3, it still takes skill to take advantage of it. Los Angeles played the same defense against Lamar Jackson last week, and completely dominated him.

But at this point, Kellerman isn’t even fun to argue with in blog posts. All of us bloviators are showmen, but Kellerman doesn’t even try to hold himself honest, never mind crack a smile about the whole thing. 

He keeps twisting himself into a pretzel trying to prove a wrong sports take. It’s not worth it.