Where is Tim Thomas these days? He's in a gorgeous resort town in Northern Idaho

By WEEI 93.7

There was a notable absence when the Bruins brought back some members of the championship-winning 2011 squad to wave the banner prior to Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final Monday. Tim Thomas, whose herculean efforts in net propelled the B’s to their first Cup victory in 39 years, was absent from the proceedings. In fact, nobody has seen the goalie since he retired from the NHL in 2014, presumably to a remote bunker hidden deep in the Rocky Mountains. Thomas’ doomsday screed about declining the Bruins’ White House invitation made it easy to conjure up images of the Vezina and Conn Smythe winner huddled deep below the ground with tinfoil on his head, waiting for the end times. 

As it turns out, Thomas does have a residency in the Mountain West, though it’s not the remote clandestine shack one might imagine. “Mut & Callahan” producer and chief WEEI investigative reporter Chris Curtis located Thomas’ whereabouts Tuesday, tweeting a satellite image of his home from the morning show’s Twitter account. 

The compound is located in Sandpoint, Idaho, which is 2,600 miles from Boston. 

Tim Thomas' compound in Sandpoint, Idaho. 2,600 miles from Boston. pic.twitter.com/2XoPNLfMYq

— Mut & Callahan (@MutCallahan) May 28, 2019

While Sandpoint is far more rural than Boston, obviously, it’s one of the region’s premier resort destinations. Sandpoint is the largest city in Bonner County, with a population of 8,390. 

That is very small by our standards, of course. My hometown of Natick, for example, boasts a population north of 36,000. 

But Sandpoint offers vast natural resources and scenic views, due to its location on the shores of Idaho’s largest lake and in the proximity of three mountain ranges. “The most beautiful small town” in the country, per USA Today, is home to Idaho’s largest ski resort.

The city is also relatively liberal, at least for that part of the country. In late 2011, it became the first city in Idaho to pass a measure prohibiting discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. Consider the Trump Administration is now looking to roll back protections for gender identity in health care at the national level, it’s fair to say Sandpoint was well ahead of the times.

Outside of his refusal to visit President Obama, Thomas also publicly applauded Chick-Fil-A owner Dan Cathy’s opposition to same-sex marriage, so he might not be on board with his new town’s progressive social ordinances. 

WEEI.com attempted to contact Thomas Tuesday about these topics via his listed landline number, but unsurprisingly, multiple calls went unanswered. There was no answering machine, either.