Gronk: Tom Brady ‘deserves the opportunity’ of free agency

By WEEI 93.7

While many have expressed the belief that Tom Brady should return to the Patriots – including Hall of Fame QBs experienced with late-career uniform changes such as Joe Montana and Joe Namath – former Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski had a different response when asked about his former quarterback’s forthcoming foray into free agency.

Speaking in Miami where he’ll be part of the FOX broadcast crew for Super Bowl LIV, Gronkowski made it clear that he thinks TB12 should at least look into what offers might present themselves this spring as Brady’s contract expires for the first time in his 20-year NFL career.

“I truly believe he deserves the opportunity to go explore, to see what’s out there,” Gronkowski told reporters in Miami via NESN. “He’s been playing for so long and just the way that he’s been playing, the level he’s been playing at, he definitely deserves the opportunity to go out there and test the market. I mean why wouldn’t you? You’ve never done it before in your career. And he’s going to be a free agent for the first time ever. So, good for him. Go test out the market and then do what’s best for himself. That’s the decision that he has to make, what’s best for himself, what’s best for his family, what he feels like he’s going to love. So that’s all up to Tom and he’s a grown man and he’ll be able to make that decision on his own.”

Rob Gronkowski believes Tom Brady should test the waters of free agency. #

— Doug Kyed (@DougKyed) January 28, 2020

Gronkowski retired from the rigors of NFL football and life with the Patriots last spring. He’s spent the last year dabbling in business ventures and media jobs.

The tight end who proved himself one of Brady’s most reliable, impactful options from start to finish of his own career does admit that the idea of seeing the G.O.A.T. take the field in a different NFL uniform might require some getting used to.

“It’s always strange, no matter who the player is,” Gronkowski said. “If you see a player play on a team for 10 years and go to another team it’s always strange at first. But, you know, everyone gets used to it after a little bit. But it would definitely be strange I would say, if that happens, for a couple weeks. It would be strange. But everyone adapts. Like any other time it happens.”

Brady is set to see his contract expire and hit free agency when the new NFL league year opens on March 18. The Patriots, thanks to a contract adjustment between the two sides signed last summer, cannot use a franchise or transition tag on Brady.