Report: NFL executives offer opinions on Tom Brady’s future

By WEEI 93.7

While Bill Belichick doesn’t want to talk about it, Tom Brady’s future is indeed the talk of the NFL these days.

Heading toward free agency for the first time after 20 seasons in New England, everyone seems to have an opinion as to how things will play out for TB12 and the Patriots.

As such, The Athletic turned to six unnamed NFL executives to get their thoughts on what the future holds for the G.O.A.T. QB. The loosely-informed theories run the gamut from a return to Foxborough to the possibility of a chase for money, in New England or elsewhere.

.@SandoNFL’s Pick Six is LIVE…This week, he spoke with six league execs on the decision facing Tom Brady.From “I think it has worn on him” to “This should be a non-story” — here’s what they said--

— The Athletic NFL (@TheAthleticNFL) January 6, 2020

“It is going to be such a fascinating couple months,” an AFC executive told The Athletic.

“I think Brady got to the point where he’d had enough, it wasn’t as fun and that is why he negotiated a contract that gives him the ability to consider other options. I think it has worn on him.”

Another executive thinks Brady will be an obvious return to the Patriots, even if the team has to pay him top dollar to retain his services.

“I say it’s much ado about nothing,” that executive told The Athletic. “I think Brady goes back there and they try for a little bit more. They are not that far away from retooling, are they? Get a receiver or two. It’s not like they are falling apart.”

But a third executive was far from ruling out a divorce between Belichick and Brady, each potentially focused on proving their ability to win without the other.

“I subscribe to the theory that Brady and Belichick each wants to win one (championship) without the other,” the third executive told The Athletic. “Belichick’s path to doing that is by getting another high-level quarterback, which he knows he can do only if he drafts one.”

Other executives thought Brady might measure how the Patriots approach the offseason and potential improvements before he makes his decision. And one, even gave The Athletic a contract that he thinks would work for Brady’s return to New England.

“Three years for $90 million could be the magic number,” the executive told The Athletic. “That puts Brady under contract at 45 that last year. It’s fully guaranteed at signing. He gets the money. It is a little bit of a discount.”

Everyone has an opinion on Brady’s future. Nobody really knows how it’s going to play out. Welcome to the biggest story of not only the Patriots’ earlier-than-usual offseason, but maybe the biggest story in all of football this winter and spring.