Tom Brady proclaims good health, making equipment change for Titans matchup

By WEEI 93.7

Tom Brady is not on the Patriots' injury report.

But many still believe that TB12 is dealing with health issues, most notably a problem with his right throwing elbow that had him missing practice time earlier this season.

During last Sunday’s loss to the Dolphins at Gillette Stadium, Brady was seen multiple times flexing his right elbow, an issue that’s been evident on the practice field as well.

Brady also spent time jogging up and down the sidelines against Miami, seemingly try to get loose.

Even his new-look cleats were a talking point after the shocking loss to the Dolphins in which Brady completed less than 60 percent of his throws for the sixth times in his last seven games.

What was going on there?

“Nothing,” an upbeat Brady said during his Thursday afternoon press conference. “I felt good. I felt good. I don’t think the white shoes are going to make it this week, though. I think I’m putting those things back to bed. They’re not making the cut for this game. Back to my dark colored shoes.”

While Brady deflected any talk that he might be still dealing with either an elbow or lower body injury, he did admit that he’s always working to improve his ever-critical throwing mechanics.

“Those are always important. I wish they were perfect every week,” Brady said. “I do think some things, sometime you get a little off. And you have to go back to the fundamentals and study some mechanics and stuff like that. I try to focus on that every week, some weeks more than others.

“It’s a game of skill. It’s a game of technique. If you’re a golfer not every shot goes 150 yards, for me at least. Not even for the pro golfers. Every jump shot doesn’t go in. It just doesn’t happen like that. Sometimes passing the football is a little bit like that too. There are some days where you feel like man everywhere you are aiming it’s just going. Then sometimes the timing is a little bit off, decisiveness is a little bit off. It could be mental. It could be physical. But all those things play factor. You just try to get back to the spot where you really feel like you are most confident.

“So, it wasn’t…yeah.”

Brady will apparently sport his traditional blue-and-red cleats this Saturday night as he leads the Patriots into a rare Wild Card Weekend matchup with the upstart Titans (9-7) at Gillette Stadium.