Tom Brady’s former top target disinterested with QB’s future

By WEEI 93.7

Everyone seems to have an opinion on Tom Brady’s free agent status and where the 42-year-old NFL legend will playing in 2020.

It’s the talk of the football world this winter and has been a hot topic this week in Miami in the build up to Super Bowl LIV between the 49ers and the Chiefs. It’s certainly getting a lot more attention than the free agency futures facing Drew Brees and Philip Rivers.

Even Hall of Fame legends Joe Montana and Joe Namath – who know a little something about late-career uniform changes – voiced rather passionate opinions as to where Brady should play next fall.

But at least one person doesn’t seem overly interested the Brady Watch 2020 that’s overtaken New England, Patriot Nation and, in some ways, the entire NFL. That just happens to be one of Brady’s better buddies and the guy who’d caught more passes from TB12 than any other target until he was passed by Julian Edelman this season.

Former Patriots receiver and current first-year San Francisco wide receivers coach Wes Welker was asked at Super Bowl Opening Night if he was curious where Brady would play next year and according to the Boston Globe the guy who redefined the slot receiver position in the Patriots’ offense hasn’t really gotten caught up in the hoopla.

“Not really,” Welker said.

Wes Welker, are you curious to know where Tom Brady will play next year? “Not really.”

— Ben Volin (@BenVolin) January 28, 2020

Well, that puts Welker in the minority and one of the few people in football who hasn’t offered up an opinion as to what Brady will or should do heading toward his 21st NFL season.