Stephen A. Smith on Celtics: How many team meetings do you have to have?


Fresh off a four-game win streak, the Boston Celtics laid an egg Thursday night, losing to the Miami Heat 115-99. Even worse, the Celtics had more drama, as Marcus Morris was seen pushing Jaylen Brown during a timeout

It's been no secret that the Celtics haven't been without their fair share of drama this season, and to say it's been unexpected would be an understatement. 

Stephen A. Smith voiced his displeasure with the team on Friday's First Take. 

"The biggest story is the Boston Celtics," began Smith. "How many times do you have to mingle with one another and have conversations about the direction that the team needs to go in? Usually it's players only and then all of a sudden we see some of the same things. You go on a win-streak -- win five or six games and then all of a sudden you start losing games you're not supposed to lose."

The issues that came about Thursday night prompted Charles Barkley to say the C's need to trade for a role player

"If you're the Boston Celtics and still here we are halfway through the season literally 41 games into it, the Celtics are 25-16," continued Smith. "To find yourself in a situation where you continue to be rollercoaster where players are shoving one another, these are the kinds of things concerning me because I didn't expect to see this from a Brad Stevens team who we talked about last year as being the best young coach in basketball." 

Prior to Thursday's dud, the Celtics were 15-5 in their previous 20 games.