The Skate Podcast: Should the Bruins trade Patrice Bergeron? Wiggy thinks so.

By WEEI 93.7

After Dale Arnold’s censorship on the Dale & Keefe show, Jermaine “Wiggy” Wiggins joined Matt Kalman and Ken Laird on The Skate Podcast to discuss his radical idea in full: trading Patrice Bergeron.

While reflecting on the Bruins' season, Wiggy asked the basic question, “how do you make this team better?” In taking a look at the biggest struggles Boston had last season, one topic came to mind: first line production.

“So I asked (Dale) the question: What about putting Bergeron on the trading block?” Wiggy asked. “You would be able to get something back for him and something tremendous for his value.”

Though, Dale wanted nothing to do with the possibility.

“He completely shut that down. I mean it was like I basically, to the point where I slapped one of his kids,” Wiggy continued.

Finally having free rein on The Skate Podcast, he walked Laird and Kalman through his thinking.

“In hockey, especially playoff hockey, about winning a championship, it goes two things. First thing is goaltender. It’s all about the goaltender. And then the second thing is the ability to put the puck in the net,” said Wiggy.

Tuukka Rask has a standout performance in playoffs last season, with an overall playoff save percentage of .936. In the Stanley Cup Final, he put up a .928, saving a total of 223 shots, the most of any of the Bruins’ playoff series.

That leaves the ability to score.

“You know, Bergeron’s a great player, but when it comes to having a sniper, a guy that can put the puck in the back of the net, he’s not that guy. And I threw the idea out there, you know what you could probably get for him?” Wiggy asked.

While Kalman understood Wiggy’s point, he wasn’t totally convinced that would be a practical solution.

“The biggest problem is that Patrice Bergeron is more than just a great two-way center who puts up, you know, he put up a point per game this year. I mean if he wasn’t hurt, he would’ve been an MVP candidate,” Kalman said.

“He does so many things to cover up for what the other players on this team don’t do,” he continued. “Maybe not Marchand as much anymore, but definitely Pastrnak, definitely anyone that plays on that line, you see how the power play relies on him as the bumper. There’s so many things he does, you’d have to replace so many parts of him.”

Though, that doesn’t stop the trio from exploring a number of options involving Bergeron later on the podcast. It’s all in the latest episode of The Skate Podcast: