The Skate Podcast: DJ Bean says Bruins need to make multiple moves to strengthen team


After giving Jermaine “Wiggy” Wiggins’ Patrice Bergeron take some freedom last week, The Skate Podcast’s Ken Laird and Matt Kalman brought in the founding father of Sunday Skate, DJ Bean of NBC Sports Boston.

While most were appalled by Wiggy’s take, Tuesday’s episode opened with Bean’s perspective, and he didn’t seem nearly as shocked.

“Why did everybody have such a strong reaction to Wiggy’s take?” Bean asked. “I loved Wiggy, and he’s a hell of a hockey player, he regularly has some hockey takes that’ll knock your socks off. He was saying that they should scratch Chara in the playoffs, so I when I hear like a level-50 hockey take out of Wiggy, I’m like hell yeah, that’s just Wiggy doing what Wiggy does.”

Though when it came down to the facts of his take, Bean wasn’t quite as on board. Laird asked if he would trade Bergeron for Steven Stamkos or Evgeni Malkin, and Bean clearly ahd his mind made up.

“No, I wouldn’t. And I don’t know if either team would do that, if you trade Steven Stamkos for Patrice Bergeron or if you’d trade Evgeni Malkin for Bergeron,” he said. “I appreciate Wiggy’s outside the box thinking, to borrow a phrase from that there, but I don’t think trading a guy on that good of contract is how you solve your problems competitively or financially.”

Kalman was quick to agree and explain that it was never about the specifics of the Bruins trading Bergeron.

“It was more about thinking outside the box, looking for these big trades and these big moves that get you over the top. You made it to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final and lost, and you needed scoring, so maybe this is the way to add to the scoring,” he said.

But, according to Bean, it’s not that simple. He doesn’t think there’s just one move that would put the Bruins back in the Stanley Cup Final.

“There’s no trade or signing you can make that’s as big as the Lightning getting bounced in the first round,” Bean said. “And I think that’s kind of a tough pill for a lot of fans to swallow, because you saw the great run that they went on. But it was a product of a lot of things bouncing right for them.”

“I don’t think that any of us thought ‘okay Bruins are set it and forget it Stanley Cup Finalists.’ They needed the Lightning to lose in the first round, and if the Lightning hadn’t lost in the first round, and I give all the credit in the world the Blue Jackets and all the credit in the world to the Bruins for beating the Blue Jackets, but the Lightning would’ve beaten the Bruins again,” he added. “So I don’t think that there’s one single move, or certainly leaving everything as is where you say ‘okay the Bruins are going to go back to where they were last year.’”

There are plenty of other aspects that are still up in the air that could greatly influence next season’s team too, including the David Backes situation, the RFA situation with Charlie McAvoy and Brandon Carlo, as well as the future of Torey Krug and even Charlie Coyle. It’s all discussed in the latest episode of The Skate Podcast:


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