Who is to blame for this Tom Brady saga? Start with Robert Kraft.

By WEEI 93.7

I guess 20 years of Hall-of-Fame service with a record-breaking six championships don’t go as far as they used to.

Not if you’re in Robert Kraft’s employ.

Apparently, all those Lombardi’s that Tom Brady helped collect at Patriot Place get you one “business as usual” phone call from the coach 13 days before the door hits you on the ass, and then more Kraft Sports Productions spin after you announce that you’re leaving.

Is this really how it ended? With Kraft taking zero responsibility?

About five minutes after TB12 announced to the world that he was taking his football journey elsewhere, Stephen A. Smith says he got a call during a commercial break of ‘First Take’ from Kraft, who told him “If Tom Brady wanted to stay we would’ve worked it out… But Tom Brady wanted to leave.”

And that was just the first stop of many on Robert’s pass-the-buck tour:

Tom E. Curran: “I thought (Tom) was coming over as he has for the last 10 years to quietly get things done”

Mike Giardi: “Tom informed (Kraft) he wanted to move on. If Tom wanted to remain a Patriot, he’d be a Patriot”

Mike Reiss: “It’s not the way I want it to end”

Jim McBride: “(Tom) convinced me it was best for him to move on. If he wanted to be here, we would have put a deal together.”

We get the message, Bob. It’s not your fault. Except it is, Boss.

At a minimum, Brady deserved better than this method of face-saving after the Goat left the barn.

When Mr. Kraft hit his lowest point in Florida in February, Brady was the first to show support by taking a picture of a warm embrace on a tarmac.

Yet Brady had barely finished bleeding out on social media Tuesday, only to find the Kraft Spin Cycle was fully underway.

Tell your fans truthfully, why is Tom Brady no longer a Patriot? They deserve to know. Why wasn’t he worth a two-year, Drew Brees-like contract? Why wouldn’t you intercede for the man you’ve called the greatest to ever play the game?

Instead, we’re supposed to buy that two years removed from a sixth title, Brady just up and got a hankerin’ for pewter?

Of course, we all have read the rumors of behind-the-scenes dysfunction.

Film room disrespect and overall average-Joe treatment from Bill Belichick, coupled with a few years of insulting, incentive-laden one-year contract offers, plus the sticky Alex Guerrero situation. These are Brady-Belichick issues that we now must believe as fact. Seth Wickersham is forever vindicated as a truth-teller.

Kraft had the power to fix it all. He chose Belichick, but he won’t admit it.

And now, Brady’s lasting memory as he walked the plank to Tampa Bay? Slanted media coverage that should make Kraft’s buddy Rupert Murdoch proud.

As for Belichick’s part, he’s probably been dreaming of this since submitting Jimmy Garoppolo’s draft card in May of 2014. He’s always been cold and calculated, of course, but things lately have become personal for him.

It was personal with Rob Gronkowski after Gronk dared cross the Belichick medical staff. Yet instead of Bill checking his disdain “to do what’s best for the football team”, he drove Gronk into CBD recovery.

It’s possible the Malcolm Butler decision was personal, too, although maybe we’ll never learn the truth.

But let the record show now that personal feelings got in the way again with Belichick towards Brady. If Kraft won’t tell us the truth, that’s what I’m believing. Things got ugly behind the scenes, and now we’re putting the TB in Tampa Bay.

Tom Brady is a frickin’ Tampa Bay Buccaneer?

It didn’t have to end like this. It shouldn’t have ended like this. 

Put the blame on Robert.