Christian Fauria clarifies his comments on Tom Brady's future: ‘It’s my opinion’

By WEEI 93.7

The national (and international) media has picked up on Christian Fauria’s comments on Tom Brady’s future and have skewed his words just slightly. 

The New York Post ran with the headline, “Patriots are ‘100 percent done’ with Tom Brady: former teammate Christian Fauria,” when really Fauria said 99.6 percent. 

Fox News and an Australian news outlet were among the others spreading this story like crazy.

To say Fox News “fell” for something implies there was was some sort of implied deception during our on air debate on @OMFonWEEI there wasn’t! Brady derangement syndrome in full affect. #neo

— christian fauria (@christianfauria) February 13, 2020  

Fauria clarified his comments for all of the news outlets around the world on Thursday in a special video statement:

.@christianfauria addresses the recent attention to his OPINION that the #Patriots are done with Tom Brady

— OMF (@OMFonWEEI) February 13, 2020