Friday’s Mashup: Twitter blames Bill Belichick after person is spotted watching Cowboys practice from facility roof

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-- The NFL has found “no such evidence” that Mason Rudolph called Myles Garrett a racial slur before the Thursday Night Football brawl last week. 

Garrett reportedly said at the appeal hearing for his suspension on Wednesday that Rudolph started he Steelers-Browns fight by calling him a racial slur. 

NFL spokesperson Brian McCarthy said on Thursday the league looked into Garrett’s allegation “and found no such evidence” that Rudolph used a slur. 

Rudolph’s attorney denied the allegation in a statement on Thursday. 

Mason Rudolph’s attorney, Timothy M. Younger, now has responded to Myles Garrett’s accusations:

— Adam Schefter (@AdamSchefter) November 21, 2019  

Garrett is currently serving an indefinite suspension for taking off Rudolph’s helmet and hitting him over the head with it. 

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “Sounds like a set-up plan to me. Like, ‘Oh, nah, I ain’t playing in this game.’ It was probably pre-rehearsed from the jump. He didn’t want to come back and face this. We’re looking at a guy that’s mentally — he’s not strong, mentally. And he’s proven it. He’s not strong. No matter how much he tries to have this Kobe Bryant mentality and all of this, he’s not like (that).” -- Kendrick Perkins, to D&K, on Kyrie Irving