Lucy & Elaine Show, Ep. 24: Danielle Murr on Don't F with Cats, horror porn and the Office episode she hates

By WEEI 93.7

Danielle Murr was Lucy and Elaine’s first-ever guest and now she’s back to check in and discuss the documentary series of the year, Don’t F With Cats, her recent discovery of horror porn and an episode of The Office she doesn’t like. 

There is a lot to unpack with Don’t F With Cats but Lucy, Elaine and Danielle have some conspiracy theories and questions about what the series might have left out to fit its narrative. Danielle also talks about the animal rights aspect of it, a part of the show’s message that is overlooked in the end. 

Danielle recently discovered the horror porn genre and describes what she’s seen of it (with some help from a Greg Hill pop-in). And she does not like the Lecture Circuit episodes of The Office, but Lucy has mixed feelings about it.