Monday’s Mashup: Tom Brady angers Mets fans with attempt to trademark ‘Tom Terrific’

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-- If Tom Brady wasn’t popular with Mets fans before, he definitely isn’t now.

A Philadelphia law firm recently discovered Brady is looking to trademark the nickname “Tom Terrific,” the same moniker given to Mets’ Hall of Fame pitcher Tom Seaver. And Mets fans are outraged.

“Tom Brady is an arrogant pr–k,” Mets fan Dom D’Angelo told the New York Post. “He’s not getting his cheating, ball-deflating paws on ‘Tom Terrific.’ Go back to Boston and get your own f–king name, Brady.”

Mets fans on Twitter were not thrilled either.

Brady wasn’t so terrific vs giants d line in Super Bowls

— Met Fan’s Official GM (@officialmetsGM) June 2, 2019

Tom Brady, You don’t hold a candle to Tom Seaver!

— Brenda Oldam (@brenda_oldam) June 2, 2019

Don’t give it to him

— Tom Fasshauer (@TFass) June 2, 2019

Just one more reason to detest the man.

— JohnMccarthy (@johnmccarthy53) June 2, 2019

No, Brady, you may NOT! The ONLY “Tom Terrific” is Tom Seaver.Now, very quickly and quietly, My. Wilpon, put up that statue of Mr. Seaver with his legitimate title on the base, and tell@this whippersnapper what’s what!

— jla (@OriginalLadyMet) June 2, 2019

Brady’s trademark application for “Tom Terrific’’ was made by his company, TEB Capital and if granted, the quarterback will be able to use the name on trading cards, posters and apparel.

-- Jaylen Brown is not a contestant on the Bachelorette this season but he still might win the whole thing.

SPOILER: Jaylen Brown will end up with the last rose on the @BacheloretteABC.

— Taylor Snow (@taylorcsnow) June 2, 2019

.@AlabamaHannah and Jed try to embody basketball champs, with help from the Boston @Celtics! ---- #TheBachelorette

— The Bachelorette (@BacheloretteABC) June 2, 2019

Terry Rozier and Jaylen Brown will be on The Bachelorette on Monday to host contestant Jay Wyatt and Hannah Brown at the Auerbach Center. They will shoot around with Wyatt and Hannah and Brown ended up giving Hannah some very serious relationship advice.

Advice so serious that Brown might end up stealing Hannah from Wyatt.

Brown, doing a great job of acting like he cares, advises Hannah on the important characteristics to look for in a man.

“(Look for) somebody who makes you laugh,” Brown said. “Somebody that’s going to accept you for your flaws and your beauty.”


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