Scott Pioli talks to D&K about Tom Brady’s Patriots career, future with Buccaneers

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Scott Pioli joined Dale & Keefe on Tuesday and talked about Tom Brady’s time with the Patriots, saying the stars aligned when it came to drafting Brady and the dynasty that followed. 

Pioli, who served as a Patriots executive from 2000-2009, said when the Patriots drafted Brady they had no idea about the greatness that was in store. 

“I don't even know if we knew after the first Super Bowl or even after the second Super Bowl,” he said. “But things worked out really, really well for us. And for him … the timing was perfect for everyone … right place, right time.” 

Scott Pioli looks back on the early days of Tom Brady: "I don't even know if we knew [Brady was the greatest QB who ever lived> after the first Super Bowl or even after the second Super Bowl...the timing was perfect for everyone. Right place, right time, right relationships..."

— Dale & Keefe (@DaleKeefeWEEI) March 31, 2020

Scott Pioli tells us he thinks Tom Brady would have been the Patriots' starter Week 1 of 2002 had the Patriots lost to the Raiders in the Snow Bowl.

— Dale & Keefe (@DaleKeefeWEEI) March 31, 2020

Pioli also said if Drew Bledsoe had never gotten injured, Brady still would have been given his chance with the Patriots. 

“We felt that Tommy had made enough progress and that he was going to be a player that was really going to be the future for us,” he said. 

Pioli said his “aha” moment when he realized Brady is the greatest player in the NFL came during Super Bowl LI. 

“Probably when he punched me between the eyes when I was with the Falcons and we were up 28-3,” he said, laughing. 

Scott Pioli (@scottpioli51) on when he knew Tom Brady was the greatest ever: Super Bowl 51. Pioli was with the Falcons. And some staffers were celebrating at HALFTIME."That son of a gun on the other sideline wearing #12 is Freddy Kreuger and he's coming back!..."

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Pioli served as the assistant general manager of the Falcons from 2014-2019. 

As for how Brady will do with the Buccaneers, Pioli is not as sure. 

“I don’t know,” he said when asked if Brady will succeed with the Buccaneers. “ … A lot will depend on how good is the defense, how good are the players around him.”

More from @ScottPioli:None other than @Rodney_Harrison texted Pioli at halftime of Super Bowl 51 saying, "Erica and I are leaving, I can't take this anymore, congrats...that was the kiss of death."

— Dale & Keefe (@DaleKeefeWEEI) March 31, 2020