The Media Column: Rob Gronkowski’s FOX Sports debut will not go well

By WEEI 93.7

There are a lot of second acts Rob Gronkowski should pursue in his retirement but being an NFL analyst on FOX Sports is not one of them. 

It was announced on Tuesday that Gronkowski will join FOX Sports as a regular NFL analyst for FOX NFL Sunday and will make his debut on Thursday night when the Patriots take on the Giants at Gillette Stadium. 

And it is not going to go well. 

Yes, his debut is going to get great ratings but how long will that last? His second appearance certainly won’t be as much of a must-watch as Thursday night.

Look, I like Gronk. He seems like a great guy, he’s one of the greatest tight ends of all time and does great work for charities. But I’m Gronked out. 

I get it, he’s wacky and he’s a bro and he takes off his shirt and says “oopsies” after denting a Super Bowl trophy. But the audience is going to get tired of that really quickly if 69 jokes are his deal every Sunday. 

NFL Analyst Gronk could go one of two ways: FOX could tell him to be “yo soy fiesta” Gronk and act as goofy as possible and do skits and it will be cringe-worthy. 

Or, they could have him be serious CBDMEDIC announcement Gronk and give straight football analysis and that would not be entertaining. 

Another possibility is they just tell him to be himself and even then will he be that interesting? Which begs the question: who is the real Gronk?

Either way, they’re going to make him spike a football and that is not interesting. 

(Also, keep in mind this whole thing could be a scheme for Gronk to use this FOX platform to announce his return to the Patriots on Thursday night. Anything is possible.)

When all is said and done, the funniest thing about this is this quote being attributed to Gronk: 

Statement from Rob Gronkowski:

— Ryan Hannable (@RyanHannable) October 8, 2019

In his press conference on Monday, Tom Brady sarcastically said he expects “hard-hitting analysis” from Gronkowski. 

“He’ll be good,” Brady also said. “He’s been pretty good at everything he’s done. He’s — yeah, I didn’t know that. Good for him. Great opportunity.”

I hope so. I hope Gronk is great but I think it’s going to be a disaster.  

Other media notes: 

-- During the Celtics’ preseason opener on Monday night, NBC Sports Boston saw a 54% spike in ratings in the quarter hour when Tacko Fall entered the game. 

-- Local Red Sox ratings were down 23% from the 2018 season with a 5.25 average rating, the fourth-highest decrease in MLB.