Wednesday’s Mashup: Tom Brady will officially keep wearing No. 12 with Buccaneers

By WEEI 93.7

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-- When Tom Brady joined the Buccaneers in March, keeping his beloved No. 12 jersey was in question since Chris Godwin already had the number secured. 

But it seems Godwin gave up his jersey, as the team announced Tuesday Brady will wear 12 while Godwin will switch to 14. 

The announcement came in a tweet with emoji numbers. 

The answer you've been waiting for...Tom Brady: 1⃣2⃣Chris Godwin: 1⃣4⃣

— Tampa Bay Buccaneers (@Buccaneers) March 31, 2020

Godwin had worn No. 12 since joining Tampa Bay in 2017. He said there was no transaction to the number switch. 

-- Filed under something you probably never thought you’d see, Joe Buck is asking people to stop sending him their sex tapes to narrate. 

Buck had put out a call for people to send him videos of their daily lives for him to do play-by-play and keep his skills sharp. But he underestimated how far people will take things. 

The broadcaster said he has recieved many sex tapes to call but will not be doing play-by-play for those. 

“Yeah, I've received quite a few," Buck said. "And you have to be careful. You have to go through these videos like the Zapruder film because you're worried that there's going to be something in the background, there's going to be something hidden like a Highlights Magazine that we should not focus on, but it's still there and it becomes some internet thing where I put my voice to something that I shouldn't have.”

"I've had a couple of submissions from let's say, a man and a woman, that just didn't seem appropriate to put my voice to in this stage of my life,” he continued. “Maybe later in life, but not now. I look at these videos very carefully and pick the ones that seem the most wholesome to put my voice to."

He has called a few videos of other things so far. 

This is the Wilt 100 point game of beer pong…but WITH video. Tremendous feat @smacksophone!

— Joe Buck (@Buck) March 31, 2020

This is what you get if you cross @Simone_Biles and Indiana Jones. This is almost as impressive as that mane he has on his head. I wish we could see the first 1000 times he tried it though…

— Joe Buck (@Buck) March 30, 2020

Cute twins @Jeff_Mathheus. You can already see the athletic genes shining through.

— Joe Buck (@Buck) March 31, 2020

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “We felt that Tommy had made enough progress and that he was going to be a player that was really going to be the future for us.” -- Scott Pioli, to D&K, on Tom Brady stepping up as the quarterback of the Patriots