The Skate Podcast: Looking back at the Bruins of the 2010s, looking ahead to 2020s


The turn of the decade is always a great time to look back and look ahead.

With usual The Skate Podcast co-host Ken Laird away on assignment, co-host Matt Kalman needed someone to do a Bruins decade review/preview with, and he enlisted the help of 30-year Bruins beat veteran from the Patriot Ledger Mike Loftus.

The guys touched on just about every subject you could imagine about the Bruins of the past 10 years and what the next 10 years might look like. Of course, a big subject was Torey Krug’s future. Whether the defenseman stays or goes as an unrestricted free agent this summer will go a long way toward defining the Bruins in the 2020s.

A lot of people, including Kalman, are hopeful he takes a hometown discount. Loftus understands that Krug loves playing for Boston and that his unique talents are vital to the Bruins’ performance, but he also thinks it’s unlikely Krug will take just whatever the Bruins offer because of the way Krug has approached his whole career and made himself into the player he’s become.

“He cannot stand to be sold short, on anything ever. And if you try to do that with him, you’re going to pay. So I don’t think they’re going to get him on the quote-unquote cheap, so that’s going to be a tough one,” Loftus said.

Kalman and Loftus went over the decision the Bruins made to not break up the team after the 2010 collapse against Philadelphia, and the things that happened to build Boston into the Stanley Cup champions in 2011. They went over the players they liked best and the ones that annoyed them the most. They picked their biggest non-2011 moments of the decade. (hint: they both involved torturing the Toronto Maple Leafs.)

Which prospects flopped and which ones surprised? Will Tuukka Rask stick around beyond 2021? What was it like covering Milan Lucic?

The answer to these questions and more on The Skate Podcast’s decade review/preview show.

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