Friday's Mashup: 'What If?' Boston sports edition

Butler INT Super Bowl 49
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Happy Friday! What a week. What a year, right?

If 2020 had an album cover.

— You Had One Job! (@_youhadonejob1) June 3, 2020

Good news - you made it! There's a weekend ahead (it's the two consecutive days that begin with S). Let's keep those minds open, spirits up, beverages filled and grills lit.


2007 Red Sox Postseason Encore World Series Game 4: Red Sox at Colorado Rockies - 8 p.m., NESN

Like watching the Red Sox win a World Series ever gets old?


Thursday on The Dale & Keefe Show (with Keefe and Wiggy) the gang played a version of the time-honored "What If...?" game. This time centering on pivotal Boston sports moments. Sort of an alternate universe "Sliding Doors" hypothetical aimed at sparking debate as to how some games, careers and seasons could have turned out, if... Considering how close so many championships have been, what kind of epic comebacks and fails we've been witness to, and how so many memories could be wildly different if somebody had just made one throw, one catch, one slight movement or decision. It really was a welcome sports fan's respite from the topics that have burned white hot over the last few weeks. You can listen to the segment HERE. The guys made their picks, and they were interesting, for sure. Here are the Top 5 lists they came up with...

Here's the lists of @Keefe21 and @jwiggs85 greatest "What Ifs" in Boston Sports History (except Wiggy decided to swap his #2 and #4)Listen to the whole segment here:

— Dale & Keefe (@DaleKeefeWEEI) June 4, 2020

Some solid choices, a few odd wrinkles for sure. But in a sports rich region like this, with the success of the past two decades considered, you'll have options galore. And so, this got me thinking, obviously, about my own Top 5 ... that's the point of the segment, right? Curious what you think of this quickly assembled alt-5.

Ok, five more for fun...1. Asante holds the ball2. Grady takes out Pedro3. Butler played4. Don’t kick to Howard5. Tuukka doesn’t blow 3-0

— Fitzy (@FitzyGFY) June 4, 2020

As soon as I wrote my list I immediately thought of several other moments that would qualify for top-tier inclusion. And followers, readers and fans alike reminded me in no time of many other worthy moments, or made their own lists...

Len Bias

— Deep Threat (@DeeepThreat) June 4, 2020

Welker caught the ball!

— DeWayne Howell (@HowellDt) June 4, 2020

Where is Buckner fields the ball?

— Harry Norton Jr (@HarryNortonJr) June 4, 2020

1. Harrison breaks up the Tyree pass2. Celtics draft Kobe and not Walker3. Borque/Oates/Neely win a cup4. Belichick stays with the Jets5. Joe Thorton stays with the Bruins

— Your Hero (@atheos96) June 4, 2020

Low-stakes, high-volume sports bargument fare for the masses. There are so many moments that broke in the favor or Boston sports teams, so many moments that didn't, so many moves and decisions worth questioning...grab a cold one, tear our lists apart, make your own and holler at us. @FitzyGFY and of course to the instagators, @dalekeefeweei. And please don't @ me anymore about leaving Len Bias out!


It's officially coming back at the end of July. I know that's almost two months from now. But if you made it this long...can't imagine I've ever wanted to watch Jazz/Spurs more in my life.

When you wish upon a star ...Welcome back,

— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) June 4, 2020


Would you believe of all places we look to a sitcom with monsters from over 50 years ago for inspiration, guidance and words of wisdom during these most tumultuous times?

Herman Munster’s words of wisdom in 1965.Still no lies told...

— Rex Chapman---- (@RexChapman) June 4, 2020


Anyone wanna take a second and remember how awesome Jon Lester was with the Sox? How easy he was to root for? How clutch he was? I'd say let's play "What If the Sox didn't trade Lester..." but that would sting too much. 

June 4, 2002Jon Lester is drafted with the 57th pick in the 2nd Round by the Boston Red SoxLester is the best LHP to be drafted and play for the Red Soxw/Red Sox2x World Series Champ3x All-StarRed Sox never let these players get

— Boston Sports Info (@bostonsportsinf) June 4, 2020