Monday's Mashup: Reactions to Cam Newton signing with the Patriots

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Hey, you guys hear the Pats signed Cam Newton?

Dogs are always vibing

— JB -- (@JB_Peeples) June 26, 2020

Happy Monday! Last couple days of June. Last month of no live major American sports. 4th of July Saturday. Cam to Pats. Time to have some fun.

No better way to open your Sunday champagne --(via holein1trickshots | IG)

— SI Extra Mustard (@SI_ExtraMustard) June 28, 2020


2018 Red Sox Postseason Encore ALCS Game 4: Red Sox at Houston Astros - 8 p.m., NESN

If you're not watching sports news on Cam Newton, or Cam highlights, then catch this replay of the game that ended with the unreal catch by Andrew Benintendi that basically saved the ALCS.


Don't miss Adam Schefter live at 745am Monday w/Mut, Wiggy & Fitzy to discuss how Cam Newton to the Pats came to be, plus the NFL fine for SpyGate 2.0 and more.
We're just as shook as you. It's been discussed for months. But nobody thought it was really going to happen, did they? The most talented free agent QB remaining, previously great, now labeled dmagaed goods, reclaimed by the team best known for polishing diamonds and sending them back to market over value. Cam Newton, New England Patriot. Wow.

seen a lot of talk about Cam Newton's fit in New England, but I think this is it

— Matt Ufford (@mattufford) June 29, 2020

The move makes all the sense in the world; a former MVP looking to prove himself and reclaim his status as an elite QB following injuries and a rlease from the only team he played for, hooking up with a team in need of some star power, but more importantly a dynamic playcaller with experience they can trust, not just in the post-Brady era, but also in this offseason of uncertainty. All signs pointed to Stidham getting the chance to take the reigns, but the chance to work with someone of Neton's talents, on the absolute cheap, when there's not much on an offseason to speak, must have proven beyond irresistible for Belichick. He must like his team and wanted to take a show with a hungry Cam. And Newton wants that big deal, and for people around the league, and its fans, to see he's still got it. Tell you one very vocal sports personality who was in favor of the deal...

OK Cam Newton!!!!

— Stephen A Smith (@stephenasmith) June 29, 2020

Other football scribes framed the deal in a different light, which, should it work out, makes it all the more appealing.

There are a lot of factors to consider, and I know that framing it like this lacks nuance, but:The Bears traded a fourth-round pick for Nick Foles and will pay him about $20 million in guarantees. The Patriots just got Cam Newton on the Ryan Tannehill reclamation deal.

— Robert Mays (@robertmays) June 29, 2020

Newton's new teammates, who likely were preparing for a season with Stidham under center, wasted no time sharing their reaction.


— James White (@SweetFeet_White) June 29, 2020

Newton's former teammates weighed in to offer congratulations and well wishes to the new Pats QB.

Couldn’t be happier for @CameronNewton! Patriots are getting a stud!! ------

— Greg Olsen (@gregolsen88) June 29, 2020

So happy for my guy! @CameronNewton

— Christian McCaffrey (@CMC_22) June 29, 2020

Former Pats players weighed in with their approval of the deal (which this Super Bowl champ in particular had been calling for)

I said this to @TedyBruschi months ago!! Cam and BB, it’s a new team and new ball game. Josh plus a mobile QB, these young WR or guys that can’t get open in the old offense now can be standing wide open due to a mobile QB & not perfect route runners. AFC championship on lock..--

— Rosevelt Colvin (@rcolvin3) June 29, 2020

Heck, even division opponents thought it was a great deal! Also this tweet might just be the ticket out of town Adams has been hoping for.

I salute Coach Bill Belichick for that!That's Real. Congratulations Cam!

— Jamal Adams (@Prez) June 29, 2020

Just what effect did the Newton signing have on the Patriots' odds in their division, in which Buffalo was favored just a day ago?

Our advanced model simulated the NFL season 10,000 times with Cam Newton on the Patriots.The Patriots have jumped to 3rd in the AFC and the favorite to win the AFC East with Newton, according to our simulations.

— SportsLine (@SportsLine) June 29, 2020

The social media waves are already being felt outside the NFL, what with Newton's enormous personality and outrageous postgame attire...just a slight change of pace from Brady's GQ postgame ensembles. We'll see how long Cam's fashion shows last in Foxboro.

BREAKING: Patriots update logo after signing Cam Newton

— NFL Memes (@NFL_Memes) June 29, 2020

How about Pats fans? Are they excited? What do you think (might want to sit this section out, Stid).

Bill Belichick just signed Cam Newton.COMING FOR THE AFC EAST

— SAVAGE BOSTON-- (@SavageBoston) June 29, 2020

Wild times, Pats fans. Wild times. You can never say the Belichick and the Patriots don't take chances, move the needle or live fearlessly. All this...and we haven't even addressed the penalty for SpyGate 2.0, which the league dropped conveniently around the same time the Newton signing came out. Color none of us surprised. Nice try, Roger! You're not killing this bargain-basement buzz! But also, seriously, a third-round pick and over a million dollars in fines for a videographer's mistake? Again, only the Patriots, folks.


Last week the Patriots produced a special edition of their "All Access" program, addressing issues of racial justice and equality. WBZ's Steve Burton hosted, with current and former Patriot players sharing their thoughts and experiences. It's a powerful watch, one all fans should take a few moments to take in. We appreciate them for what they do on the field. Now let's appreciate how they feel in their lives off it.