Thursday's Mashup: Boston sports replaces Columbus statue?

By WEEI 93.7

Hello and Happy Thursday! After all things 2020 thus far would it surprise anyone at any point if we heard this music and were told to hop off the ride?

We're trying to Keep Calm and Carry On, stiff upper lip (or drink) and all that. Let's get you mashed up for the best day before the day that ends the week possible.


Classic Celtics Celtics vs Rockets (Tape) - NBC Sports Boston, 8 p.m.

How about a big fat Celtics dub, from arguably their best team ever with Game 1 of the 1986 Finals for your retro Thursday viewing pleasure?


Following the defacement and damage of the Christopher Columbus statue Boston mayor Marty Walsh announced Wednesday that the controversial figure's now beheaded statue would be taken down. We got statues coming down left, right and all over the place, world of football and beyond these days. The legacy of Columbus has been in question, and under attack, for ages. And statues like this a spot for protest and defacing around the country. And thus we begin to speculate as to what may ultimately take it's place. Would it be out of the realm of reason to consider a statue immortalizing a player or moment from Boston sports history? I put that very question to the masses and got some interesting results.

With Mayor Walsh saying the Christopher Columbus statue in Boston will come down, who would you like to see honored in it's place? If answer is OTHER a reply would be much appreciated.

— Fitzy (@FitzyGFY) June 10, 2020

In addition to the three obvious choices I received hundreds of other replies for figures from sports, Boston history, culture, WEEI, name it. One that struck me as an interesting historical fit? Henry Knox. A sneaky important local figure, he of the noble train of artillery, in the early stages of the Revolutionary War. Who knows what the plans are? Not out of the realm of reason, given our city's passion for sports and the role it's played in its history, to consider an iconic moment and figure for memorialization. What bird wouldn't want to spend an afternoon with a bronze GOAT?


Came across this one Wednesday asking fans who they thought would be the new face of the Foxboro football squad in the post-Brady Era. No surprise here.

Now that Tom Brady is in Tampa, which @Patriots player will be looked at as the face of the franchise?If you choose other, who would that be?

— Will D. (@WAD1980) June 10, 2020

Edelman is poised to be the most famous, important and influential Patriot in 2020, though things could change from a leadership perspective if the Pats D keeps them. in games, or if Stidham takes the reigns and gets off to a hot start. I'm a believer. I know Fauria is too.

As to who exactly will deliver the powerful speeches, rally the troops and motivate the team? Could be McCourty. Could be Edelman. Wednesday morning NFL Network's

.@MikeGarafolo talks to the @Patriots about the odds that are stacked against them..

Let's head back to 2001.

— GMFB (@gmfb) June 10, 2020


With a name like Spencer Torkelson the new Tigers slugger, taken #1 overall in the MLB Draft Wednesday night, is primed for nameplays galore. And likely stardom, too. With a swing like this? Mind you this was when he was twelve. Seriously, MLB. Make Rob Manfred's words ring true and get your kiesters back on the field yesterday!

Spencer Torkelson has been drafted No. 1 overall by the Tigers! Here’s a video of him at 12-years-old (via @BaseballFactory)

— Baseball Bros (@BaseballBros) June 10, 2020


No, seriously. We need this. Father's Day is right around the corner. So if they make one of these in dad size that would be great. Or just this one so we can keep the kids busy during the end of quarantine / COVID Summer or whatever it is we're doing.

Sometimes it's the simplest things that provided the best cheap thrills. Also, tell me this doesn't kinda sound like a TIE Fighter when he whizzes by!

This boy is living in 3020 --

— Buitengebieden (@buitengebieden_) June 9, 2020


Former Red Sox utility star, super dad and another bearer of the 12 who left this spring, Brock Holt, who turns 32 today. He may be in Milwaukee, or so we think, haven't seen him play a game yet. But he'll always be a fan favorite here. We could use as much Brock Holt every day of late.

Because everyone can use a thumbs-up from Brock Holt to get them through their day.

— Red (@SurvivingGrady) November 29, 2018