Thursday's Mashup: NFL's Burleson calls N'Keal Harry breakout candidate

Happy Thursday! How we feeling, after an eternity of no live sports, about that Boston sports Wednesday triple header? Weeks and months of nothing, and then suddenly...

Sheep discovers how to use a trampoline ----

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Clippers/Mavericks - 630p and Lakers/Rockets - 9 p.m., TNT

After the Boston sports Wednesday triple header, go ahead and take a night off our sports rooting interests and enjoy these high-quality Western Conference playoff quality NBA games.


NFL Network's Nate Burleson, who knows a thing or two about catching passes and making plays in the NFL, put together a list of five wide receivers he believes are poised for a Year 2 breakout in the 2020 season. And chief among those, at least from a Pats fan perspective, is N'Keal Harry.  The 2019 first round pick of the Pats, who honestly has nowhere to go but up, had an underwhelming rookie year (Understatement of the Year alert!), and never seemed to sync up with Tom Brady. Perhaps injuries beset the Arizona State star both physically and mentally. Or that icy cold stare of Belichick while on IR, or Brady at practice, freaked him out. Now healthy and with a whole offseaason to get his mind right, like his body, and study the playbook, Harry can live up to the hype and draft spot. He's already worked with Cam Newton, trying to establish early chemistry, which will be incredibly important given the offensive transition. Time for N'Keal to live up to the hype and become the big bodied sure handed threat that lead the Pats to take him 32nd overall in 2019...and stop fans from feeling like this.

Patriots fans have already given up on this man. Sad!

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Today's latest fan art of Cam Newton in a Patriots uniform, which will only have to suffice for a couple weeks longer. When he starts for the 2020 Patriots. And succeeds. We're believers. We have the Cam-do attitude. Unlike Kyle Love.

Cam Newton in the new Pats unis.@CameronNewton

— Joe McManus (@McManusDesign) August 4, 2020


We're not making a big enough deal about Beau Allen's first photo in a uniform with the Patriots. Can't decide if I've rocked out to his band, gone fishing with him or knocked back beers at a biker bar with him. But holy Roadhouse, if he plays half as badass as this looks...


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This is no edit or photoshop job. It's real. Someone made it. And I suspect we will probably see more of these this season. And I love it. Also it hurts. Deeply. Totally represents just how torn some Patriots fan allegiances are this season.

Who out there would wear this Patriots/Bucs Brady jersey? (Via @stevediiorio)

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Because all the Brady footage coming out of Tampa wasn't enough of a soul punch this week...

Week 1—back in action!--

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Seriously, after all the Brady and Gronk Tompa Bay love somebody do something on a football field to make me smile again! Ah, leave it to a former Patriot...

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OK, we could use one more laugh. And this one is short, NSFW and very sweet.

Sometimes emotions get the best of us in the booth. Do we regret this call? Yeah probably, but, how many balls does one kid need...One per child, kids got like 7 #bobmenery #baseball #espn #sports #booth

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Ah, the good olde days at Fenway, when America's most belived ballpark had fans sitting illegally and dangerously high atop a billboard for your father's favorite relaxation juice, the likely smell of stale peanuts and cigarettes in the air. Nobody taking selfies. Sweet Caro-who? People actually paying attention to the game. Yeah, good times.

☘️2008 ☘️

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