Wednesday's Mashup: Stallworth says no tank in Belichick

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What was the pigeon thinking? --

— Buitengebieden (@buitengebieden_) July 28, 2020


Red Sox @ Mets - 7 p.m., NESN

Maybe you're a die-hard. Maybe you're shame-watching because things are so crazy now. Either way...we watch.


No denying Tuesday was a tough one for both the Patriots and their fans. And it couldn't have been easy on the players, of course. Six players total - four of them multiple Super Bowl winners - opting out of the 2020 season for COVID-19 related reasons. Fans were anxious immediately about the team's ability to compete in 2020, or at least lean heavily on their solid defense as it's suffered significant losses through free agency and now the pandemic.

According to @pfref's approximate value metric, the #Patriots are losing the fifth (Hightower), ninth (Collins), 20th (Van Noy), and 28th (Shelton) most valuable defenders in the NFL last season, a net loss of -51, which is the biggest net loss on defense since at least 2003.

— Evan Lazar (@ezlazar) July 28, 2020

But if there's one person, one gridiron mastermind, one evil genus you should be able to count on to find a way, to devise and scheme, to retool and reconfigure even in the face of such unexpected personnel attrition? It's your head coach. Who time and again this offseason has had to face countless inquiries as to his plan, or his team's depth and ability, or even questions as to whether he'd want to play in earnest this season...

Bill Belichick is literally having veteran players opt out so they can throw the season and be in position to draft Lawrence and you can't convince me otherwise.

— Sean LaCreta (@TypicalCat18) July 28, 2020

Bill Belichick like “ Sign Cam Newton but still have half of the roster opt out of the season to Tank for Trevor Lawrence”-- --

— Jon T. (@time2shine7_) July 28, 2020

This idea of Belichick ever tanking for Trevor, or Losing for Lawrence...just not trying to be as competitive as possible no matter who's on the as insane as signing me to fill in for Marcus Cannon. Fortunately, one bright former Patriot mind shone a light of insight through the idiocy Tuesday to set the record straight.

I am enjoying all the Bill Belichick and Trevor Lawrence tweets, they are truly hilarious. But if anyone thinks BB is gonna tank whatever season there is in 2020 for *any* reason, you have lost your mind. That dude would coach through the apocalypse

— Donté Stallworth (@DonteStallworth) July 28, 2020

Coaching football is all Belichick does. He is the Terminator of coaching. He only wants to win. Doesn't care how. Just wants to do what's in the best interest of the footbal team. And catch Don Shula for most wins of all-time. Even if I am at right tackle. I know it. Stallworth knows it. And through the fog of surprise that came with the Brady departure and opt-outs, you know it too. We clear?


— Donté Stallworth (@DonteStallworth) July 28, 2020


Make it 4 (with an exhibition game Thursday @ 7p)!

Days till the Bruins Play Hockey!!!

— Mike From Woburn (@MikeFromWoburn) July 28, 2020

And Saturday there's so much playoff hockey. Why it's even got the dowdiest among us excited!

Having a tough time wrapping my brain around the fact there are five Game 1's of Cup playoff series starting this Saturday. Feel like I entered the cheat code to get right to Tyson in Punch-Out

— Ken Laird (@KenLairdWEEI) July 28, 2020


They'll be tested daily now after their games were suspended through Sunday, with 15 players testing positive for COVID-19. How'd it happen, you ask? Well, there's this one rumor...

Rumor mill: multiple Marlins players visted a strip club in ATL after the Braves exhibition game. This is probably what kickstarted the case train in the lockerroom.

— Ry Jones, for now. (@RyryJones) July 28, 2020


Anyone who's a sucker for an exhibition fight with names, or lighting $50 on fire, will be interested in this; the Mike Tyson / Roy Jones Jr. exhibition time and price was announced. And it's the night before the first Sunday, supposedly, of NFL Football this season. As that famous Futurama meme says, "Shut up and take my money!"

Sources: The Mike Tyson-Roy Jones Jr. PPV on September 12 will cost $49.99.Can be streamed through cable, satellite and Triller.

— Greg Rosenstein (@grosenstein) July 28, 2020


For any 80's rock fan, or anyone with a twisted sense of humor in need of :09 of laughter, here you are; my favorite find on the internet this week.

Pour some sugar on me

— Klara Sjöberg (@klara_sjo) July 27, 2020


Oh, and no big deal, but the greatest TV show ever featuring intergalactic bounty hunters received an Emmy nomination for Best TV Series, Drama. It should win. I have spoken.

The nominees for drama series at the 2020 #Emmys are:#BetterCallSaul#TheCrown #TheHandmaidsTale #KillingEve#TheMandalorian #Ozark #StrangerThings #Succession

— Danielle Turchiano (@danielletbd) July 28, 2020