Andrew Benintendi on MLB's investigation: 'We know we didn't do anything'


Major League Baseball has yet to hand down a ruling regarding its investigation into the Red Sox stealing signs illegally in 2018. That dark cloud looming over the organization is why Ron Roenicke has the interim tag in front of his new title as manager.

At the same time, Chaim Bloom says the Red Sox have “no reason to think there’s anything that would cause an adverse result for Ron in this investigation.”

Not much more has been said from the front office outside of Bloom’s comments about Roenicke. They’ve asked fans to reserve judgment from the start.

Which could be the result of how Boston's hitters feel about the situation.

“I think all of us are confident in what’s going to come out,” Andrew Benintendi said on Thursday. “All we can do is focus on baseball. I mean, there’s a lot of distractions, obviously. I think we’re all just ready to focus on this year.”

And why does he feel this way?

“I just think we know what, I know what — we know what was going on, and we know we didn’t do anything,” Benintendi said. “So, I mean as far as what the report is going to say, whatever it says it says. And, like I said, we’re just focused on this year and that’s all we can focus on.”

According to the Associated Press, MLB will not have a ruling on the sign-stealing investigation this week.