Grizzlies Pick: Celtics obtaining extra 2020 selection looking more likely

(NOTE: In addition to their own first-round slot in the 2020 NBA Draft, the Celtics have Memphis and Milwaukee’s 2020 first-round picks. However, the Grizzlies’ pick is top-6 protected. The Bucks’ is top-7 protected. If either pick is not conveyed, it will be unprotected in 2021.)

Memphis has mixed in some quality wins recently.

The Grizzlies have now won four of their last five games. Their only loss came to the Bucks, and they beat both the Suns and Heat during the stretch.

Some of Memphis’ success is the result of Ja Morant’s play, though Jaren Jackson Jr. has posted more impressive numbers of late. The sophomore forward was a Western Conference Player of the Week nominee for Week 8 (22.8 points per game, 53.2 field goal percentage, 45.7 3-point percentage).

Jonas Valanciunas, Dillon Brooks and Brandon Clarke are all playing well, too.

This pick could very well convey to Boston for the 2020 NBA Draft. And Memphis’ stretch of games heading into Christmas should only increase the chances of that happening.

Up next for the Grizzlies are the Thunder, Cavs, Kings and Spurs — all sub-.500 teams.

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