Danny Ainge helped 'Block or Charge' star battle addiction

Rex Chapman is one of the funniest follows on Twitter you can find. He’s the ‘Block or Charge’ guy — a bit that he managed to parlay into a show on Adult Swim.

Block or charge?----‍♂️--------pic.twitter.com/Mb2339gnVn

— Rex Chapman---- (@RexChapman) March 20, 2020

But some knew Chapman before he became a social media sensation. He had his impressive two-year run at Kentucky. Then he went on to have a 12-year NBA career.

This weather blows.Block or charge?----‍♂️☔️------pic.twitter.com/RlE8HQh0g1

— Rex Chapman---- (@RexChapman) March 9, 2020

In between these two very different points in his life, Chapman battled an addiction to pain killers. He discussed that adversity and his climb back to the top during a recent E:60 special on ESPN.

On the road to recovery, Chapman had assistance from others. One person who lent a helping hand early on was Danny Ainge. Now the Celtics president of basketball operations, Ainge coached Chapman in Phoenix. In 2001, he spoke to his former player about addressing the battle he was losing.

“Danny Ainge came to me and said, ‘Hey man, you’re really messing up,’” Chapman recalled. “‘You got to go away and get — you’re messing your life up, your family, your kids, your wife. Everything.’ And so, I begrudgingly went and got to rehab.”

Chapman would complete his first trip to rehab, but unfortunately went on to abuse pain killers again. He would experience more adversity and go through rehab twice more before getting to where he is now.